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#MoneyWisdom -#Great Choice - Get Wise with TransferWise - When Your Are Moving Your Money

When it comes to funds transfer across the world , the most important points  one needs to consider are; the bank  exchange rates, the bank transfer fees, and the turnaround time. This is the best criteria points to consider  when choosing the best funds  transfer service provider. With online bank being commonized, funds become critical and  users will eed to consider which service provider provide better  security  and safer transfer with of mind. 

Now that we have a definition let’s discuss the companies in terms of the exchange rate, fees, coverage, turnaround time, security, and accessibility. These will help you understand the company that offers more and is more preferable when it comes to international money transfers.

For exchange rates - TransferWise charges a zero exchange rate, which means that the transfers are processed at midmarket rates for all currency pairs. This rate is available for a period of 48hrs based on the currency being exchanged.

For  transfer - transferwise  lack in competion to some others but is still still offering  a resoanble rate - TransferWise transaction fees comprise of the fee charged by the provider and fee for the payment method. The two fees are joined together and deducted depending on the amount being transferred and charged as a percentage. The small amounts attract higher fees and as the amount increases the fee reduces. 

#MoneyWisdom -#Great Choice  - Get Wise with TransferWise  - When Your Are Moving Your Money 

In terms of security =TransferWise supports over 12 languages and has a telephone number, live chat, and email for customer care. Similarly, they have 3D secure features with two-factor authentication to ensure maximum security. Additionally, the company operates under various regulatory bodies such as the Financial Transactions Reports Analysis Centre  , Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, Financial Conduct Authority  , Australian Securities and Investments Commission, and many others.

TransferWise has more regulations, more customer support systems, and supports more languages.

To understand TransferWise better , it  uses a proprietary technology infrastructure to make international money transfers more efficient, faster and cheaper than traditional players in the industry as listed above 

TransferWise  established  both an  office and  bank accounts into every single country where it operates, maintaining a good balance for each national currency  .When money needs to be converted into a different currency, TransferWise will remit  part of the balance on the foreign bank account and transmits them to the corresponding local bank account of the recipient.

This approach allows to realtime intervention  on  flows of the money in different currencies, without having to convert them on the market (thus avoiding unnecessary conversion  amd paying local  fees to financial account holder ).

With this  localized peer  exchange  relative  on a  flat level ,  currency routes where the exchange  in  inter-flow between entity - the flow  of money is pretty much balanced (e.g. GBP <> EUR) have very small affilaied expenses and  costs.

For some routes where the flow of money is more volatile  (e.g. USD / GBP to HK ) TransferWise might still need to buy currencies on the financial markets, thus incurring into a higher cost. However, high trading volumes combined with the much lower costs on more “balanced” routes, permit to them  to find  balance  to keep these costs low.

TransferWise  managed to  bring fairness and transparency to the world of international money transfers. TransferWise  will always look to find the   more efficient way of transferring money abroad described above, and only  apply the lowest possible transaction fee in a fully transparent way  

How the The US Is Torn Apart as Emphasize by Mark Levin - Unfreedom of the Press

Unfreedom of the Press

 Six-time New York Times bestselling author, FOX News star, and radio host Mark R. Levin “trounces the news media” 

(The Washington Times) in this timely and groundbreaking book demonstrating how the great tradition of American free press has degenerated into a standardless profession that has squandered the faith and trust of the public.

Unfreedom of the Press

Unfreedom of the Press is not just another book about the press. In “Levin’s finest work” (Breitbart), he shows how those entrusted with news reporting today are destroying freedom of the press from within—not through actions of government officials, but with its own abandonment of reportorial integrity and objective journalism.

With the depth of historical background for which his books are renowned, Levin takes you on a journey through the early American patriot press, which proudly promoted the principles set forth in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. This is followed by the early decades of the Republic during which newspapers around the young country were open and transparent about their fierce allegiance to one political party or another.

It was only at the start of the Progressive Era and the 20th century that the supposed “objectivity of the press” first surfaced, leaving us where we are today: with a partisan party-press overwhelmingly aligned with a political ideology but hypocritically engaged in a massive untruth as to its real nature.

Illustrated tour of the inner workings of the brain makes improving your memory simple and fun.

Remember It!

The Names of People You Meet, All of Your Passwords, Where You Left Your Keys, and Everything Else You Tend to Forget

Throughout his research into memory theory, Nelson Dellis found existing memory improvement guides to be wanting—overcomplicated, dry, and stodgy. So he decided to write a book that is approachable and fun, centered on what people actually need to remember. In Remember It!, Dellis teaches us how to make the most of our memory, using his competition-winning techniques. Presenting the information in a user-friendly way, Dellis offers bite-size chapters, addressing things we wish we could remember but often forget: names, grocery lists, phone numbers, where you left your keys—you name it! This fast-paced, highly illustrated tour of the inner workings of the brain makes improving your memory simple and fun.

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life -Winning the War in Your Mind:

 Are your thoughts out of control--just like your life? 

Do you long to break free from the spiral of destructive thinking?

 Let God's truth become your battle plan to win the war in your mind!

We've all tried to think our way out of bad habits and unhealthy thought patterns, only to find ourselves stuck with an out-of-control mind and off-track daily life. 

Pastor and New York Times bestselling author Craig Groeschel understands deeply this daily battle against self-doubt and negative thinking, and in this powerful new book he reveals the strategies he's discovered to change your mind and your life for the long-term.

Winning The War In Your Mind 

Drawing upon Scripture and the latest findings of brain science, Groeschel lays out practical strategies that will free you from the grip of harmful, destructive thinking and enable you to live the life of joy and peace that God intends you to live.

 Winning the War in Your Mind will help you:

  • Learn how your brain works and see how to rewire it
  • Identify the lies your enemy wants you to believe
  • Recognize and short-circuit your mental triggers for destructive thinking
  • See how prayer and praise will transform your mind
  • Develop practices that allow God's thoughts to become your thoughts

God has something better for your life than your old ways of thinking. It's time to change your mind so God can change your life.

You Will Wonder why the Billionaire heir who became a Monk

The following book has been very inspiring  and has managed with  best seller status of over 5 Million Books , 

Life Lessons from the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

 101 inspirational lessons on how to achieve true happiness, find fulfilment and live peacefully and meaningfully every day, from Robin Sharma, leading life coach and author of the multi-million-copy bestseller The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.

How can one achieve true happiness? Is it possible to with joy, passion and purpose every day? It is – and this potent book, with its powerful life lessons and profound wisdom, can show you how.

Here Robin Sharma, one of the world’s leading life teachers and bestselling authors, takes you on a journey towards a new way of living, allowing you to re-purpose your time to make every day meaningful.

Offering simple solutions to life’s most frustrating challenges, this is a guide to rebalancing the conflicting forces in your life. Its lessons include:

• How to discover your calling
• How to see your troubles as blessings
• How to enjoy the path – not just the rewards
• How to live fully, so you can die happy

This is a truly remarkable book that you will treasure for a lifetime.

this book reflect  on 

Mr. Ven Ajahn Siripanyo could have own many more rolls royce and ferrari ,but he gave up all to practice compassion for  all sentient , and  achieve true happiness, find fulfilment and live peacefully

According to the SCMP

According to Forbes magazine in 2017

 Krishnan is the third richest homemade billionaire in Malaysia with an estimated net worth of $ 5 billion. He is successful in a variety of areas such as telecommunications and real estate. , the media…

However, his son, who is of Malaysian and Thai descent, chose a religious path rather than inheriting his father’s fortune. Siripanyo, born in 1971, is the only son of Mr. Krishnan who was born in 1938.

Siripanyo’s process of becoming a monk took place at the age of 18. When Siripanyo returned to visit his mother in Thailand, he decided to temporarily leave his home as a monk to gain experience. At that time, although Siripanyo had no plans to follow this path, this man became abbot of a forest monastery between the Thailand-Myanmar border more than 20 years later.

According to the SCMP

His mother is a descendant of the Thai royal family, so this man also carries royal blood.

The media had previously photographed Siripanyo, like many other monks, asking for alms.

Siripanyo lived and studied in the UK with his two sisters. This man is fluent in 8 languages ​​such as English, Tamil and Thai.

Despite his spiritual practice, Siripanyo occasionally has meetings with his family. Once Siripanyo was seen coming to Italy on a private jet. Another time, he attended a spiritual retreat on Penang Hill – a property his father had bought for himself.

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How To Get Paid From Amazon Associate and KDP Via Transferwise?

Ebooks has become recently become more popular since Covid pandemic and many readers prefer nowadays to download ebook for casual reading rather than going out to bookshop and shopping to avoid exposure to  health risk . therefore being  an ebook publisher or author you are aware that you could get more sale as well as huge royalty from KDP ( Kindle Direct Publishing) platform rather than any other ebook platform such as Apple iBooks, Google Play store, Kobo etc.,

While many American  -local  citizen in the United States are very blessed with  easy access to the Most US banks  because they  can get their royalties  directly deposited to their  US bank account,  where else , for foreign publisher and authors it is normal practice to  wait for their  Monthy Check payment  from Amazon ..recently  there has been some changes  and  since last year  you can get paid from Amazon associate by using  Transferwise  US  account services via a routing  direct to Your USD bank account

How To Get Paid From Amazon Associate and KDP Via Transferwise?

Under Normal  Situation , Amazon associate’s Affiliate members   likewise   with  foreign publishers and  authors under  the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform only transfer royalty they  received from and amazon’s marketplace located in their respective  country  . For example, if you are from Australia  then royalty you received from and marketplaces are directly deposited to your  australian’s bank account through Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) and there is no Minimum threshold limit for EFT. But the royalty you earned from another the major   US based Amazon marketplace and their branch  such as etc can only  be received via checks only if your royalty amount crosses the minimum threshold limit of individual marketplaces. Now with  Transferwise  - USD account service, all has changed .

We are  going to tell the easier and cheaper  way to receive the royalty from all the Amazon marketplaces and deposited directly to your bank account with the help of  Transferwise via a US routing account  . You don’t need to wait until it reaches the Minimum threshold limit. It’ll be automatically credited to your local bank account once your royalty reaches the payment date.

An example of  various Direct transfers from Amazon to Affilaite  via Transferwise 

What Is TransferWise ?

Transferwise is a global Payment company that provides Online Money transfer, e-payment services, cross-border wire transfer, and debit card services for Businesses and individuals. TransferWise  account holders have the option to receive funds into their local bank account or through debit card and the best route to receive your payment  from AMAZON – US -this is good news for Amazon  and others major US Based Affiliate Service providers , typically for    affiliate members  under the Amazon Associate and KDP  for  all NON USA   , as Transferwise has made it  easy to  setup for  their Routing account .


Sign Up And Get Paid From Amazon associate  Via Transferwise

You should go to TransferWise ‘s  website and fill the basic details such as your name, email address, Date of birth, residence address etc., and at last, you need to select any of the identity proof such as Government Issued ID card, Driver’s License or Passport and provide the ID details. Once you are done with everything, go ahead and click the submit button.  

TransferWise Sign Up

Login to your Transferwise account, go to  menu and select “To bank account” option. Enter your bank account details such as Account Number, account name, and branch details.

During the review process TransferWise  may ask you to submit the Scanned copy of your ID proof to activate your account so make sure that you have a scanned copy with you and this process may vary by Country. Your application will be submitted and pending for review.

Transferwise takes one to two business days to review and activate your TransferWise Account. You’ll can  get the virtual US, EURO and UK bank account details in your  TransferWise account.

( Optional ) If your country is eligible to receive Transferwise Debit  Card then it’ll take 15-20 Business days to get Transferwise delivered to your local address.  

Upon Approval from TransferWise -Your new USD account details: These are your shiny new USD details. Please use them for all transactions now, and make sure to give them to anyone who pays you. Note: You’ll have one number for both ACH and wire payments.

Your New USD Virtual account  comes with some nice benefits:

Link with your bank accounts, Stripe, PayPal, and other platforms to move money

Use a single routing number for ACH or wire payments  

Receive unlimited USD from inside the US

The new details are free, and you don’t have to do anything more than use them in place 

Support- Online Guide  from Transferwise 


How To Find Your Virtual US Bank Account Details In TransferWise?

Login to TransferWise account and go to Receive -> Global Payment service. Select the Payment service Option as USD. Now you can able to see your virtual US Bank account details on the page. Note down the details in notepad.

How To Update Your TransferWise Account In Your KDP?

Login to your KDP account. Go to your account details section by clicking the Account link displayed at the top right corner of your KDP account. Scroll down to ”Your Royalty Payment” section at the bottom of the page. Select the Edit button under the “Your Bank Accounts” details. You can see the “Edit bank account information” pop up the screen.

Enter the following details

Select “United States” as your Bank Country.

Enter Your “TransferWise” Name in the Account holder name field

Select “Checking” as your Account Type.

For the “Bank Name”, “Account Number” and “Routing Number” use the US Payment Service information provided to you by TransferWise.

Review the details once again and click the Done button.

Now you have successfully updated your virtual US bank account details to KDP. Next step is to update this information to all Amazon marketplaces. At the bottom of this section, you can see the list of market places, Click the button to open the and choose to Pay my royalties as EFT and Currency as USD. Now you can see the bank account details populated below. Repeat the same steps for rest of the Amazon marketplaces and at last, don’t forget to click the Save button. That’s it you’re done.

Money Printing Spree is coming again with the New Incoming White House Administration

 The Last Gold Rush…Ever! - look forward as  Money Printing  Spree is coming again with the  New Incoming White House Administration 

7 Reasons for the Runaway Gold Market and How You Can Profit from It

If you had foreseen the financial confusion of the Carter years, or the exploding debt in the Bush years, or the Federal Reserve’s “money printing” spree during the Obama presidency, you might have profited richly from the resulting bull markets in gold and silver.
But today’s governmental recklessness dwarfs each of those episodes. Add other accelerants to the dollar and debt crises—including currency and trade wars, an unaffordable military empire, and a juggernaut of domestic state socialism—now converging to fuel an era of monetary destruction that will drive gold prices to unimaginable heights.
In this unique collaboration, two gold experts—New York Times bestselling author Charles Goyette, with years of commenting and writing about gold, the dollar, and the economy from outside the industry, and Bill Haynes, with decades of trade-by-trade, tick-by-tick experience inside the precious metals markets—triangulate their views to prepare readers for The Last Gold Rush…Ever!

#MoneyWisdom -#Great Choice - Get Wise with TransferWise - When Your Are Moving Your Money

When it comes to funds transfer across the world , the most important points  one needs to consider are; the bank  exchange rates, the bank ...