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Instant Profit Guide To Online Digital Ads Mastery

Instant Profit Guide To Online Digital Ads Mastery

Digital Advertising is constantly moving forward and evolving. Stay on top of the trends and times and make sure you know what your competitors are doing in the digital selling space, which means simply ignoring the boom of digital advertising on social media just isn’t an option.

If you don’t have a digital advertising strategy yet, it’s time to get going!
2020 happened be an eye-opening year for digital marketers everywhere due to disruption to retail business caused by Coronavirus ( Covid 19 Pandemic ) which coincidently elevated Online business to the next level . Suddenly many new Online businesses sprout up everywhere but most of these new small startup- businesses fail as a result of ineffective marketing & product positioning.

Businesses are likely to keep failing, as a result of inadequate marketing strategies & getting new prospects.

If businesses utilized pay per click advertising such as Google AdWords and Facebook, they’d be able to position themselves in front of thousands of engaged prospects, in as little as just 10minutes. Download this guide to learn how to fine tune your digital advertising efforts.

Whatever method of online marketing you decide to use, you will soon see that the money you have spent on the campaign is in fact worthwhile in terms of the success of your business.
To help marketers stay up-to-date and keep ahead of evolving technologies and tools, we have put together all the resources for effective online advertising.

If you're not implementing some kind of digital advertising strategy, you're already trailing behind!

•A beginner’s guide to online advertising types and concepts

•Tips on how to select the right ad network for your business to make sure you are setup for success.

•An overview of the different paid channel pricing models

•An easy guide to setting up a successful online advertising campaign to make sure you have a gameplan so you know how to improve your success for the future.

•Tips every entrepreneur needs to help tackle discrepancies between clicks and visits and for effective paid advertising for their small business.

•A guide to using online advertising with Google AdWords and other hot social media platforms- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin and Tumblr.

•A guide to using social Mobile Video Ads to Connect with Mobile Users and increase sales.

•A guide to PPC tools to do profit analysis and much more

Combining online and mobile devices, adults all around the world are expected to spend average 4 hours, 46 minutes with digital media daily , increasing digital’s lead over television to well over one hour per day.
Digital advertising is proving its worth to brand marketers every day by creating new desire and demand, increasing engagement and loyalty, and ringing the cash register.

Digital Online media not only delivers excellent ROI efficiency, but it makes other media spend work harder. Adding digital online ads to the media mix has a positive impact on the campaign ROI for all media.

Instant Profit Guide To Online Business Mastery Blueprint

Across the globe, the Coronavirus ( COVID-19) Pandemic outbreak has led to a major disruption and changes in business conditions for B2B and B2C companies alike . 

Since then across the board , ecommerce sites jumped 22 % collectively and 125% on average between March – August 2020 compared with the same year-ago period, according to an online commerce analyst .Now on Global scale ,the world has suddenly waken up to a period disrupted industries across the world and it has have changed the way we commerce forever.

It’s estimated that over $850 million is exchanged daily between online businesses and there are 4.57billion internet-enabled people on our planet. During peak season ,more than $3 Trillion change hands every single day.

Over the next decade, another three billion people are expected to gain access to an Internet connection, and begin contributing to this online economy.
Hence, in order to be relevant in today's crowded marketplace, being online is a must for businesses.

Countless business owners will benefit from this Instant Profit Guide To Online Business Mastery Blueprint
And this is just the beginning. It will enable the businesses -
1.To leverages multiple avenues to gain visibility among consumers.
2.To gain an understanding of the automated online marketing solutions.
3.To develop a responsive, search optimized website as well as an engaging and growing following on social media.
4.To build brand trust by being an industry authority.

With Increasing Digital dominance, more and more people are relying on the internet to look for the products and services they need.

Hence, any business that does not effectively use this platform will risk losing new lucrative opportunities. Moreover, giving your small business an online presence means more than simply putting up a little website with your company's address and phone number. It means setting up a virtual version of your business, with a welcoming, informative website, a profile page integrated with ecommerce marketplace option or even to include with blog and totally enhanced for mobile applications and geolocation accessibilities

If you’re completely new to starting an online business and things like these scare you, then look no further. We’ve got all the resources you need to help you succeed with your online business strategy.

Equip yourself with the most tactical and strategic advice in the Online Business Industry!
Instant Profit Guide To Online Business Mastery Blueprint is an in-depth guide overflowing with strategies, resources and best practices to help all budding entrepreneurs starting their first online business in an affordable and safe way, while avoiding many of the common pitfalls.
It will also help existing online businessmen to equip themselves with the latest and strategic advice right from deciding the correct name of their business to launching their social media strategy and evaluating the success of it.
We have taken care of all you need to do with your Online Business strategy to grow your brand …..Now what you need to do is simply use these tools and tips to set up a successful online business before your competitors do that.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Atrract Attention with Google My Business Posts

 Attract Attention with GMB Posts

Consider your GMB posts the same way you do “social media posts” that show up in your GMB listing on Google searches.

Your GMB posts will drive more leads to your website by sharing special offers, fresh content, or special events etc. Don’t forget to include an image to capture even more attention.


 Attract Attention with GMB Posts

 Consider your GMB posts the same way you do “social media posts” that show up in your GMB listing on Google searches.

Your GMB posts will drive more leads to your website by sharing special offers, fresh content, or special events etc. Don’t forget to include an image to capture even more attention.

 7 GMB Tips that Attract Customers   


If you operate a business out of your home, or you own a store or shop, your Google My Business listing is an effective and very powerful way to publicize your business in the local community, and drive new customers to your door.

Once Google understands more about your business, they can help match you with various search queries of which the most valuable of these is for you to receive a prominent listing in Google’s 3-Pack.


In the above example, for instance, you can see that if you were searching for spray foam contractors, in the lower peninsula of Michigan, you’d probably come across a result like this:


By far, Retrofoam of Michigan would get the nod. Why?

·         Even though they’re second, the first result doesn’t have any stars or reviews.

·         They have more stars and reviews than the third option.

·         They have business hours posted, unlike the first result.

·         If I moved to Michigan, they’d be the closest to me (proximity matters in a lot of local searches).


Now that you understand GMB fundamentals, here are seven surefire tips you can follow that will help you attract new customers.


1.    Complete Your Business Information


If operate a local businesskeep your business name, address, phone number, hours of operation, and business category at the very least – updated. Nothing will turn a customer against you then them trying to locate you and not being successful.


2.    You Can Now Add Business Descriptions


Previously on GMB, the only noteworthy way to tell Google and searchers about your business was through the Google My Business Category list of which there are over 2,300 options.


Unfortunately, that doesn’t always give enough information especially if you’re in a niche business. Descriptions will also improve your search rankings in Google.


3.    Upload More (Better) Images


This comes straight from Google: “Businesses with photos receive 42% more requests for driving directions to their location from users on Google, and 35% more clicks through to their website than businesses that don’t have photos.” If you want potential customers to visit your location, rather than your competitors, add some photos to grab their attention.


4.    Respond to All Reviews


The reviews on your GMB page can be a deciding factor in whether or not a buyer engages with your brand. When making a purchase decision, people look to others for their opinions and personal experiences.


Here are some statistics about local consumer reviews:


·         97% of consumers looked online for local businesses in 2017

·         85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations

·         Positive reviews make 73% of consumers trust a local business more

·         68% of consumers left a local business review when asked

·         30% of consumers say they’ve judged a business based on its responses to reviews


5.    Use Your Posts to Promote Events, Offers, & Content

Before Google Posts, if you wanted to share your content, you had to do it on your website and social platforms. Now, you can have your content show up on Google Search and Google maps in your business’ knowledge panel. So, what kind of content am I talking about?


  • Blog articles
  • Company news
  • eBook downloads
  • Upcoming events
  • Special offers
  • Product promotion


6.    Upload Videos

There is no better way to attract, engage, and communicate with your customers and prospects than through video. It’s powerful and you can use it to leverage your business via your GMB listing.


7.    Become a Google Guide

Just like on Amazon, Google Maps now lets consumers ask questions. Anyone can ask a question about a business on their listing, and anyone can answer those questions. Frequent answerers become “Guides,” with different badges and milestones depending on how many questions they answer and useful information they provide.

So, become a Google Guide so you can answer questions people ask about your business. These answers will show up in your Google My Business listing, and potentially even your Maps and Search results. 


Saturday, September 12, 2020

#RemoteWork is Trending. Is your Business Ready?


#RemoteWork is trending. Is your business ready?

A growing number of companies around the world now accept remote working contracts and allow their employees to work remotely. Some of the reasons that facilitate this is:

The improved internet speeds all around the world

The appearance of Co-working spaces that can be leased for shorter time periods without having to have a physical office of their own

The abundance of project management, task management and time management apps that can be used to monitor and coordinate work amongst teams and individuals

The availability of hardware and software solutions to ensure smooth communication across the globe

Businesses are able to expand their talent pool and retain employees at a higher rate. Employees are happier and satisfied being able to work in an environment they prefer and choose their own timing.

The following will help you get your company ready: -


Working remotely, you’ll need to actively collaborate with your teams on projects and tasks assigned to you or them on a daily basis. This is very true especially when you work across time zones and you are not sitting face to face with your colleagues. Larger companies have their own in-built tools which they use to help employees to track work. If you’re a medium or small business, there are a number of tools today that can help you manage your time as well as that of your team effectively.

Given below are a list of tools that can help you collaborate with your teams more effectively and efficiently

Project / Task Management Tools

Project or Task Management tools help you to manage projects and underlying tasks and monitor progress on each of them. These tools are an effective way to deliver projects on time and organize tasks.

Time Logging and Invoicing

Work time logging is important in your business when it comes to invoicing and billing your time to get paid for your work. If you work through an online freelancing platform like Upwork, they have their own time-tracking tool which you can install on your desktop.

Idea Sharing / Brainstorming Tools

Sharing your ideas with your group and brainstorming over it helps you to imagine new possibilities, think of the big picture, identify opportunities and spot gaps faster. If you’re a teacher, student, manager, artist or a business owner, idea sharing / brainstorming tools will help you to get a visual view of your ideas and share it with others, so that everyone is on the same page while discussing your studies, projects or tasks. There are a number of idea sharing tools available online that can help you while working remotely with a team:

Support Management Tools

You’ll need access to support management tools used in your organization to either get support from various teams for the resources that you use, or to provide support to customers for the products they bought from you. Email is a good communication tool, but a support ticket management system helps you to organize the requests and act accordingly.

Feedback / Survey Apps

If you’re a manager, it would help you a lot to get an idea of the general team wellness and employee satisfaction levels. Great managers use this data to improve the team’s morale and help them achieve goals faster.


While working remotely or with a team who works in different parts of the world, it’s imperative that you’re able to communicate with them effectively and in a timely manner.

Communicating with your team remotely is a totally different ball game than when you work in the same office space or even in the same building. You’ll need to work across various time zones, and also acceptable time delays for work and communication. So it's necessary that you establish agreed upon communication channels to contact colleagues and peers.

Email Communication

Email has been one of the oldest forms of communication in the digital world, and is apt for requesting information, sharing documents and electronic file attachments. Email is also effective when you want to share information to a large group of people, and also need to keep a written record of your communication. You can use email if the information you want to share is not time-sensitive, and to set a precedent to a communication that requires multiple forms of discussions later. Email clients such as Outlook and Thunderbird help you to manage multiple email accounts together.

Chat / Messaging Apps

Chat or Messaging apps have the advantage of facilitating instant communication between two or more people. Chat helps to communicate and collaborate with your colleagues across the globe in real time, and make sure that information is passed on accurately. An advantage of chat over a phone call is that you can communicate effectively without having to worry about the accents of others when your peers are from different nationalities.

VOIP / Phone

VOIP phones today enable multiple calls including conference and group calls, and also allow you place calls on hold when you have another important call coming through. It helps employees, management and business associates to collaborate with each other and communicate with clients. Clients looking for support usually also prefer to speak with someone.

Video Calls / Video Conferencing

Video conferencing or Video calling solutions are best if you want to have a live, visual connection between two or more of your peers. Some video calling solutions have additional features like desktop sharing and file sharing when you want to show a presentation on your system or share files within the group.

File Sharing / Storage Solutions

When you work remotely, you will need to decide between various file sharing / storage solutions to share important documents between your colleagues and clients. Some of the storage options that you can utilize are below:

Social Networks

Social networks can be a great asset in business communication, especially if you want to regularly engage your consumers or want to reach out to a new contact. When businesses connect to their customers using a social media platform, they can provide better visualization to customers, who can then make faster decisions on whether to buy a product or service from a specific brand. 

Unlike in the past, where visualization was limited to sharing a company image or logo, today, there are more personalized and customized experiences for customers to go after.

Friday, September 11, 2020

The Importance of Branding in Social Media

 Branding your business on social media is all about building your brand identity in a consistent way that differentiates you from your competitors. As usual, if you want to stand out, you need to know who your audience is, what problems they have that you can solve, and know them enough to explain to them why they should choose your solutions over someone else's solutions. Because building trust online takes more than one interaction, consistency is key when it comes to branding your business on social media.

* Get More Targeted Traffic - When you create any content for any platform, you should immediately share it on your social media platforms in order to help promote the content and get clicks back to your website or landing pages.

* It's Part of SEO - Using social media is considered "off-page" search engine optimization and offers you a way to increase the visibility of your website or your products and offers in a natural way.

* Increase Your Reach - When you are consistent across social media networks with your branding so that people know it's you and what you represent, you can reach more people because some people prefer Pinterest to Facebook or Instagram Stories to YouTube.

Facebook retargeting 

* Build Stronger Relationships - One thing social media can do very well is build community if you know what to do. Keeping your branding cohesive throughout platforms will reassure your followers, fans, and customers that you are trustworthy.

* Retarget and Remarket to Your Audience - When you use social platforms properly, you can also run advertisements through them using your normal messages to reach more people. You can target friends of your followers as well as remarket to them again after they read or downloaded something from your site.

* Provide More Responsive Customer Service - Many customers today don't look for you on your site to provide customer care, often they will look for you on social media. They might even complain first on social media. This is an opportunity to provide very responsive customer service that can spread brand awareness in amazing ways.

* Build Community & Brand Loyalty - Because social media helps you build a responsive community, inviting paying customers to your groups and communities can help build and spread brand loyalty especially if you use it to give them something extra.

* Makes It Easy to Promote Your Products & Content - Social media is a great platform to promote and share all your ideas, creations, and plans in a way that you can promote them. You can set up automation to make it even easier.

* Your Competitors Are Using Social Media - The fact is, your customers expect you to be there because your competition is there. If you aren't there, you will not have a business today. Being on social media is a necessity.

If your audience cannot recognize you across platforms, it will be harder to get your message out. Working your branding in depends on the platform but it's usually just a matter of ensuring your graphic designer makes the right size and shape images for the different platforms and then ensuring that anyone making updates, answering customers, and engaging with your audience uses the right words to advance your message and your brand to your audience.

The Proper Internet Marketing Mind State

 The Proper Internet Marketing Mind State

So most people will spend 8 hours a day working for somebody else, and then they’ll go home and do nothing. So they’ll put more time into their job than they will into improving themselves. And that’s sad, because once you build skills they transfer into all areas of your life.

And this is another interesting thing. Most people think the difference between a successful person and a failure is like 80 percent. Like a successful person does 80 percent of stuff differently than a failure, and really the opposite’s true. It’s only a handful of small, daily tasks that separates a successful person from a failure.

successful person doesn’t procrastinate; they typically get on with it. And then they usually are interested in feedback more than the result; and they’re confident in their ability, and they’re solution-oriented and able to adapt quickly when stuff happens and respond positively. And really that’s about it. That’s the only difference. It’s not that they’re more intelligent than a failure. It’s not that they have opportunities that a failure doesn’t have or all these other things. It’s just really they just do a couple habits differently and that dictates all the results.

So here’s some stuff that’s specific to internet marketing mind states that are going to really help you get the results that you want. Being in it for the long haul – this drives me nuts more than anything. And I guess I understand. People come into this industry for the most part looking for that quick-fix solution, and unfortunately there are very few of those. They’re far and long and in-between, and most of them rely on luck. Most of them are not duplicate-able. That’s not a very sound business strategy, and this is a business. So be in it for the long haul.

Long Haul

Only lottery winners make a million dollars overnight. This is not a strategic plan of making a million dollars. This is luck. Almost every self-made millionaire I know did it over a long period of time. So what does that tell you? It tells you if you’re in it for the short-term solution, you’re going to get very, very perturbed when it doesn’t happen, and you’re going to be much more likely to quit. If you’re in it for the long haul – this is what I like to say – you’re not looking for instant riches, but you do want instant feedback. And what I mean by that is you want to be able to try something, get an idea, try it immediately, see what happens, and then decide what to do next after you get some results in the marketplace.

Here’s another trick: Speed is important, and this is why there is this seemingly surfacing congruence that I’m now hammering into you that makes a lot of sense. You want to be in it for the long haul, because it’s going to probably take you a while to build the assets, to build the expertise, and to build the contacts and to get the knowledge you need to succeed. But the harder you go, the more you’re going to shorten that curve and the more likely you are to succeed.


So one of my mentors once told me the secret is to condense five years of experience into one year. It usually takes about five years to master something. Anything worth mastering usually takes about five years before you can become a bonafide, off the top of your head expert.

You’ve seen it all; you’ve done it; you’ve got this experience. OK? Now he said the secret to really going to the top of your industry and being successful is to condense those five years into one year. So that means

A) building smart systems that allow you to experience quicker, and

B) it means really burning the midnight oil. 16 hour days are a normal part of my life.

I said to my mom the other day, I said to her, “You know what? I’d rather work really hard now when I have the vitality and the youth and then take it easy in my later life and do exactly whatever I wanted.” I’m willing to pay the short-term sacrifice in order to get the long-term gain. Condense five years in one – that means go hard. If you’re starting out you’ve got to go hard. Go as hard as you can go, and then go a little bit harder. That’s a great mindset. Be happy with small, constant improvement, because you know you’re not going to get rich overnight.

That’s what the instant feedback is for. Get a little better every single day at product creation; get a little better every single day at traffic generation; get a little better every single day at copywriting; get a little better every single day at focusing on one task at a time, getting more done, and being more productive, OK?

This is interesting. This is why you should be in it for the long haul. Most breakthroughs happen by complete accident. So one day I was like I want to try webinars because I have this time management idea that I wanted to share with people, and I didn’t know if it would work or not. I told them that, and I said so I’m going to try this webinar. I’ve never used it before, and I want to see what happens. But I want to do this in real-time, so I can get some real-time feedback here instead of putting it out in a course. I dropped it out there; did the webinar. It was great; it was free, because I was just testing it out.

And then I was walking one day, and I thought to myself, “OK, this webinar software is $97 a month. Are you going to stay on and pay $97 a month or are you just going to cancel it?” And so I was trying to justify in my mind if it was a sound business decision. I said, “Let me find out.” Instant feedback, by the way. I am going to create a product and see if I can launch it as a webinar series. I did, and I made a ton of money from that. I was like, “Wow! This is so easy, and I’m making all this money.” So I’ve since launched 4 or 5 group coachings with that. And we just launched one the other day, why I’m shooting this video, that pulled in $12,000 in 24 hours – in a little over 24 hours. Crazy! And it’s the easiest product to deliver in the world, and it gives them a lot of value. That was by an accident that the breakthrough happened. So then I reinvented my business and incorporated it.

Timing has a lot to do with it, too. Sometimes the marketplace is not ready or sometimes you are just not in the right place. And so that’s why you’re in it for the long haul, so you can be lucky eventually; because the more you do the luckier you’ll get. OK?

This is the path to success. It’s a zigzag; it’s not a straight line. Very few people go from Point A to Point B, where Point A is where they started and Point B is their successfully defined outcome, and get there in a straight line. Usually you’re course-correcting just like a plane which is off-course 90 percent of the time it still always arrives at its destination. So that’s the proper mindset, OK?

One Skill at a Time

The other thing here is work on developing one skill at a time. This is a mindset to have, and this really ties in with the long haul, too. Your biggest leveraged asset – your biggest leverage-able asset is your specialized knowledge because that’s something you have that nobody else has, OK? Gain specialized knowledge in one area at a time.

Make it unconscious, meaning that you become such an expert at it that you don’t even have to think about it; you can just do it. You don’t have to check your notes; you know your notes. You don’t have to go out and study every single day; you have it in your head. You only have to keep it sharp by practicing it. And then it’s unconscious. You can just do it like tying your shoes or driving a car. And then you go out and you do it with the next skill. Then you go out and you do it with the next skill. And really you only need 3 or 4 really good skills to be a stud in this business.

The logical approach is to focus on synergistic skills. You know, I’ve talked about it before. Product creation is a strong asset, specialized knowledge that I have. I can create really great products very quickly. And copywriting is another expertise I have. I have my own system where I can write copy extremely fast, that's very good quality, that pulls the conversion rates that I like. Those are synergistic skills, because you need copywriting to sell your products.

And then the next skill I got really good at was e-mail marketing, marketing to my e-mail list. That is a synergistic skill because once you create a product, once you sell them, then you want to sell them more stuff on the back end. So that’s very logical to master that skill. The next skill I mastered was focus and confidence with my ability to manage my time, and that’s synergistic because that will work with copywriting, product creation, all of those other things.

Now finally here, this is how you get really good at developing one skill at a time. Experience is the mother of skill. You don’t learn how to ice skate by going to a seminar. You learn by strapping the skates on and you have a guide take you out on the ice and show you on the ice. So you learn something by going out and doing it and checking and seeing what happened and going back out and doing it again, not by reading about it in an e-book. That only gives you a map, but looking at a map doesn’t mean that you’re going to arrive at that destination. You actually gotta walk the trail that’s shown on the map. So this is the other mind state, “I’m going to do this one skill at a time. Just keep adding skills to my business.”

Never Hesitate

Here’s another mind state that you gotta have: Never hesitating. Always taking action is how you should frame it in your mind because that’s a positive instead of a negative. But you should eliminate hesitation from your mindset. And this is why. This is the most important thing I can tell you about this. It’s easier to correct a wrong decision than indecision, because a wrong decision will tell you at least, “This way doesn’t work. You should probably look at these other alternatives instead.” Indecision doesn’t tell you crap. You have absolutely no idea. So it’s easier to correct a wrong decision than it is to correct indecision. It’s actually easier to make a wrong decision right than to get the right decision right off the bat, because you’re usually never right right away. You’re usually close, and then you correct the rest of it to get right on the money.

And speaking of money, money is very attracted to speed. Money loves speed. It’s so seductive. Speed seduces money - Money goes to those who act quickly, and so knowing that’s a money magnet you should say, “If money loves to be around people who are quick to act, maybe I should be quick to act. And if I can’t, I have to create a strategy that will then allow me to.”

I like to ask people, “Has there been a time in your life where you absolutely acted immediately and you never hesitated?”

And they’re like, “Absolutely.” And I’m like, “OK, so you can do that. Now we just gotta figure out your strategy that gets you in that state of mind so you can take action,” and then we do that.

“He who hesitates waits…and waits…and waits…and waits.” So do you want to be a waiter? Or do you want to be a receiver? Getting it done and getting some stuff from it.

So don’t hesitate, because you just won’t get anything from it. The biggest difference between successful people and the norm is their speed of implementation like we were talking about earlier. There’s only a handful of differences that separate the winners from the losers. There’s only those two or three or four daily tasks and their approaches to those, and one of those tasks is winners are very quick to take an idea and turn it into something tangible.

And, as I said earlier, work harder on yourself than you do on your business; meaning that if these are problems for you, you should be setting aside some time every single day where you’re doing this stuff to become better at taking action; to be better at learning how to handle criticism; to be better at creating undeniable and insatiable desire. If these are problems for you, you have to handle them. You have to set aside time every single day where you become better as a person with your qualities. So work harder on yourself than you do on your business until you get those qualities that you want. Then you can do anything you want in any business.

Handle Criticism

The next thing here is how to learn to handle criticism. This is very important. This is what kills and cripples a lot of people. You can’t please everybody, all right? And why would you want to anyway? Would you want to please serial killers and bad, bad people that – dictators who commit genocide – would you want to please them? Would you want to please people who will then take your information and use it maliciously? I don’t think you would, so why try to please everybody anyway? This is what I say, and this is what really justifies it in my mind.

This is the corollary to that: Some people are looking for a reason to get offended. They wake up in the morning waiting to get pissed off at something. It’s just how they’re hardwired. And I say, “Hey, I might as well provide them with that value.” Obviously there’s some value that that provides them in their life otherwise they wouldn’t be doing it. I might as well be the guy that gives them that value, so when I offend a couple people, I’m not doing it intentionally, but it just happens as a course of nature.

I say, “Good, they were looking to get offended. They got offended. Job done.”

Now check this out. This is why criticism is going to happen to you. When you try to turn something intangible to something tangible, you never know what’s going to happen. So here’s what we’re doing: We’re taking ideas that don’t exist in the world, that only exist in our mind, and we’re transforming those things from an idea into a thing. Maybe it’s a report; maybe it’s a blog post, whatever the case may be. You’re taking something out of thin air and turning it into something that they can see, touch, feel, taste, whatever. And when you do that who knows what the hell is going to happen. Sometimes it comes out right, and sometimes it doesn’t come out right. And the thing of the matter is, is you really don’t know what’s going to happen till you try it, so some people are going to criticize you. And a lot of people who do nothing, sit on the sidelines, they’re the biggest criticizers, and they’re the people that you should care least about anyway because they don’t know what it’s like to actually get your hands dirty and get in this game. Never really done it before. Proper marketing mindset. Let’s move on.

Know When To Get Out

Know when to get out. This is a very interesting one. A lot of people don’t. They’ve been conditioned with this stupid corollary that they say, “Quitters never win.” And that’s stupid. Every successful person I know has quit several times. Why? Because they chase several different opportunities, and most of them didn’t work. So they quit doing those opportunities and instead said, “I’m going to go off and try something else instead.” Overall, they never quit, but they quit a lot of times when they were going down a path that they perceived to be a dead end. And I say I’m happy with 3 out of 10. If I try 10 new business things and only 3 of them work, awesome. Then I’ll keep those 3, try 10 more things. Some of those won’t work. I’ll keep the 3 that do work, and that’s 6 things. Pretty soon I got 9, 10, 12, 15. Then I got 100 things that work now. Awesome! And I only could get to those 100 things because I got rid of those 7 things in each batch of 10 that didn’t work, OK?

I did a consult with a guy one time. He was like, “I need to get money, man. I’m going to be out on my ass in three months if I don’t. I’ll have to move. They’re going to kick me out.” I said, “OK, let’s look at what you’re doing right now.” He’s like, “Well, I’m making money, man. Here’s what I’m doing.” And he showed me my model. I said, “OK, so it takes you this amount of time to write this article.

This article on the average through ezinearticles gets these many clicks. Out of those people that go to your site, these many people end up clicking on your AdSense ads,” because that’s what he was using, “and then you make this much money a month.” I averaged it out, and I’m like, “You’re making $1.29 an article.” And then in my head I thought, “Did it ever occur to him to run the numbers and to get out?”

This model wasn’t working for him. He needed to quit doing that and find a new approach, and I told him that. I’m like, “Don’t do this anymore.”

We’ve done this in live coaching classes. A lady said, “I’m working on this book that does _______.” And I’m like, “Whoa.” I go, “In my professional opinion, I say stop working on that book because it’s probably a loser and instead do this, and it’ll probably be a winner.” But they didn’t want to get out. They were invested in their own ideas, so whatever. But you can’t manage what you can’t measure, so you gotta be measuring constantly what’s working for you and what your times worth. And if it doesn’t give you the results you want after a certain period of time of you trying it, either change your approach or get the hell out and try something else instead. I know it’s counterintuitive to what people tell you, but it’s true. Don’t be afraid to cut your losses is what it amounts to.

Absolute Desire

Absolute desire is huge in internet marketing. That’s the next one here. This is the one single thing that is better than any NLP strategy that exists on the planet or better than anything else when it comes to motivation or anything for that matter, and that’s absolute desire.

It will keep you going when you want to give up. I have cultivated a burning desire, and I think Napoleon Hill cites that as the most successful common trait that millionaires have. I got this desire where I’m just going to make this work one way or another. I will either – I will either find a way or I’ll create one. Give me a lever – give me a big enough lever, and I’ll move the whole entire world.

That’s what my mindset is, ‘cause I got the desire; if you aren’t passionate about what you’re doing at least 80 percent of the time. Now there’s 20 percent where you should be like, “Aw, shoot. I want to get this done. I don’t want to do this.” But that’s ‘cause you’re pushing yourself hard, and that’s good. But most of the time if you’re not passionate about what you’re doing most of the time then you’re either doing the wrong thing, or you have the wrong approach.

You either need to change how you’re approaching what you’re doing or change what you’re doing, so that way you’re passionate; ‘cause that’s the fuel that’s going to push you to the next level. That’s absolutely mandatory if you’re going to succeed unless you do win the lottery and get lucky, but again that’s not a good thing to bank on.


Finally, commit to do the things that most people won’t do. This is the hardest part, but this makes all the difference. Winners do the things losers don’t; that’s what makes them winners. The trick is to figure out how to motivate yourself to do those things, because they’re the things that are obvious but they’re the things that make all the difference; because people just don’t come up with a solution to figure out how to get there and do those things. And they don’t work on themselves so they can do those little extra things that the losers don’t do. Look for those small, little 5 percent extras. These are biggie. They get 95 percent of results. So, for example, PLR’s. I always re-package them, and I always re-present them so they’re different than everybody else out there. Now it doesn’t take me much longer, but it makes all the freakin’ difference in the world. And that’s like that in all kinds of stuff, OK?

This is hard. This is a weed in your garden you’re going to have to kill. This is something you’re going to have to come up with a strategy for. I’ve worked most of my life on my mind state to figure out how to do those things that most people aren’t willing to do, so that way I can get the results that most people don’t get.  

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Can you make money in an online coaching business?

 Coaching is a big industry. The size and recent growth of the coaching industry encourages every type of coaching to be successful online.

Types of Coaching

The type of coaching you can offer depends on your training, specialty, interests and niche.

For example you can be a:

  • Life coach – This type of coach focuses on their clients’ life decisions and self-fulfillment, which includes all aspects of their life: personal, professional, health and relationships.
  • Personal coach – This can be a life/career coach, or personal coaching within an organization by a mentor or manager.
  • Career coach – A career coach specializes in helping people who are searching for a job, looking to change careers or are moving back into the job market.
  • Executive coach – This type of coach helps top-level management improve their decision making and leadership abilities. An executive coach has considerable experience in their field.
  • Business coach - Business coaches guide people in their professional life. This type of coach helps business owners by guiding and supporting them, holding them accountable and encouraging their clients.
  • Fitness coach – This type of coach focuses on the physical fitness, dieting, exercise, lifestyle and spirituality of their clients.
  • Team Coach – These coaches specialize in coaching business teams. They help members within a business team work together smoothly and effectively.
  • Sports coach – This is often what you think of when you think of a coach. These are the people who coach serious athletes to be successful. A sports coach knows the sport, motivates the player and builds the clients’ skills.
  • Confidence coach – This type helps clients build their self-esteem and confidence, helping them learn what is holding them back.
  • Parent coach – This highly-trained and knowledgeable professional’s main role is to provide support and guidance to parents and caregivers in the challenges of raising healthy, happy and successful children.

There are many types of coaching you can pursue. The niche you choose depends on your training, your goals and your passion.

How to Help Others

People seek the guidance of a coach for a variety of reasons. As a coach you must provide several ways to help your clients.

You might help clients in their work to recognize their goals, or change career focus. A coach helps clients build their confidence, move on from a divorce or solve relationship problems. As a coach you could guide clients on health issues like losing weight or getting healthier.

As a business coach, you help small- and medium-sized business owners with their sales, marketing, management, team building and the goals they have for their business growth.

A coach helps their client build confidence and strong self-esteem. They help clients move outside their comfort zone.

As a coach you will encourage, motivate and support your clients.

Coaches focus on the future of their clients. They advise and ask questions to help their clients tackle difficult issues both in their career and at home.

Other ways to help others:

  • Stimulate better skills. Help your clients anticipate what they could become, how they can overcome self-defeating habits and insecurities.
  • Help them manage their relationships and develop new skills and abilities.
  • Help your clients build more effective ways to continue to improve.
  • Stimulate their vision to think beyond their current situation and to clearly envision their future. Help them create a plan on how to get there.
  • Help your clients grow through the changes they are facing. Help them reassess their life goals, change their lifestyle, get the training they need and find a new career option.
  • Help them re-evaluate their financial needs and find the information they need to make intelligent decisions.
  • Help clients move from stuck to growth.
  • Help your clients deal with the attitudes and behaviors they need to change.

Coaches help others grow and change through guidance and accountability.

Making Money from Coaching

Helping others is your number one goal when you decide to become a coach. However, you want to be making money from your coaching, too. Here are some popular ways you can do this:

  1. Offer one-on-one coaching. This is done through emails, over the phone or face-to-face. This is a billable hours for time service.
  2. Offer group coaching. This is done in groups with ten or more people. It can be done in person or over Skype/teleconference/Google Hangouts.
  3. Write and sell books/eBooks. Focus on a topic you get asked about often and sell it on your website, through Kindle and other sites on the web. Writing and selling your own eBooks will give you passive income.
  4. Write and sell an eCourse. An eCourse you create on a particular subject can be created and sold as a daily, weekly or monthly eCourse.
  5. Sell your own products and services. If you’re creative and great at coming up with new and innovative ideas, you can turn these ideas into something people are willing to buy.
  6. Coach other coaches. If you already have a well-known, established coaching practice, you can offer your services training other coaches.
  7. Deliver speeches. Get paid for speaking about you and your coaching industry.
  8. Create and sell specialty training programs. Training others how to do something is a lucrative field.
  9. Set up a membership site. This can include tutorials, videos, how-to tips or some other service you allow only members to see.
  10. Supplement your online coaching with local seminars and workshops. Book a conference hall in a hotel or local college. Conduct a seminar or workshop.
  11. Create and sell CDs and audiotapes. This can be anything from training to motivational quotes and stories.
  12. Sell advertising space in your newsletter and on your website.
  13. Get interviewed. A slot to host on a podcast, TV show or radio show can be a paid opportunity.
  14. Create an affiliate program. Offer your coaching services or products through affiliates.
  15. Provide broker services. If you are good at connecting people and services, act as a middleman to connect them. Charge a percentage or a set amount.
  16. Sell affiliate products. Sign up to become an affiliate to sell products and services like software on your site. Sign up at places like Amazon, Home - ClickBank and many other sites.
  17. Write articles on your niche for magazines, paid blogs and newspapers.
  18. Build joint ventures or partnerships. This could be with other coaches or with a complementary service.
  19. Teach a webinar course. Sell seats to a webinar that teaches your clients a specific task.
  20. Create a funnel. Sell a low-cost item or service with a higher priced back-end or upsell product. For example, sell a five-minute session with an upsell of a 30-minute coaching session. Add higher priced items to your sales funnel for each level completed.

Your coaching business is more than just giving free advice. You can make money in a lot of different ways.

Attracting Clients

Making money online with your coaching business means you will need clients. Attracting those clients can be difficult, but with practice the process can become easier.

Step #1 – Know who your target market is

Narrow down your target market. Don’t try to get just any client. Choose a specific group or area of expertise to target. Shape your message to serve this specific segment. Talk about the specific benefits you offer that provides solutions to their challenges.

Examples of target markets:

  • Realtors who are faced with a lot of competition in a slow market.
  • Hair salon owners wanting to find a way to stand out among other salons or who are overwhelmed with their work.

Step #2 – Have confidence in your coaching service

Show you believe in your services and value your time in everything you say and do. Clients will see your value as well.

Step #3 – Connect with prospects

When talking to prospects, really listen and connect with them. Let them feel you understand and trust them. Take the time to let your prospective clients get to know you as a person. Become known as someone who is friendly, helpful and willing to go the extra mile.

Step #4 – Be where they gather

Go to the forums, meetings and social media outlets where your prospective clients are hanging out. Interact with them. Network with them at events.

Step #5 – Show yourself as the ‘expert’

Get your knowledge out among the crowd by answering questions and helping others in the places where your clients are gathering. Write articles and books on your niche. Use social media as a way to create a buzz around your coaching business. Use Twitter, Facebook and your own blog to help spread the word about your services.

Volunteer to speak at networking events and conferences to build your reputation as an expert. Ask for testimonials from current clients to build your authority. Form alliances with other coaches and people in your niche.

Step #6 – Ask for referrals

Ask your current and past clients for referrals. Everyone knows of a friend, colleague or family member who might be a good fit for your services.

Step #7 – Create a compelling marketing message

Your marketing message, tagline and elevator speech should grab the attention of prospects and make them want to call you.

Step #8 – Create your services package

Package your services, what you offer and what you know into irresistible programs and systems that make the prospective client take notice and want to work with you. You packages should be positioned so they sell themselves.

Step #9 – Create a marketing plan

Create a specific plan to help you reach your prospective clients. Don’t put all your eggs in the same basket. Use several different types of marketing.

Step #10 – Learn to close the sale

Once you have attracted your ideal client, you need to rope them in for the sale. Learn how to close the sale properly so you don’t scare them away or leave them hanging on what they should do next.

Attracting your ideal client gets easier the more you do it. Spending time in the right places and using the right marketing plan can help.

Marketing Ideas and Tips

To make money as a coach you need to market your business. These marketing tips and ideas will help guide you in your marketing efforts.

  • Target a specific niche or group. Don’t send you marketing message to a general group. Specifically target the demographic you want to work with.
  • Talk about your business everywhere. Network with prospective clients. Give speeches at conferences. Clearly articulate your value when talking about your business.
  • Write about your business in blog posts, newsletters, magazines and newspapers. Send out a press release when you add a new service or you are just starting your business.
  • Be active on social media. Participate by answering questions, providing helpful information and being authentic.
  • Create a professional looking website. Include your services, testimonials and an about you page.
  • Give away a free coaching session. This will bring in prospective clients who may go on to purchase a bigger package.
  • Build a strong client list. Keep in contact with them, asking for referrals and testimonials.
  • Send out a regular newsletter and update your blog regularly.
  • Comment on other blogs and social media channels with relevant information.
  • Get interviewed by a well-known person in your niche. Promote your coaching services during the interview.
  • Create YouTube videos with helpful information. Include links to your coaching services.
  • Include a link to your website on everything, including your email signature

Marketing is a necessity in any business. It is how clients will find you.

The Next Step

Making money online with your coaching business can be done in many ways. It’s about how you package yourself as an expert, the marketing plan you create to get the word out about your services and the different types of services and products you offer. Your next step is to decide on your market, plan out your marketing, determine how you are going to make money, and begin attracting clients.

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